Boil water lifted in Ilion

Boil water lifted in Ilion

ILION – More than a week after it went into affect, the boil water advisory for the village of Ilion has been lifted as of Sunday morning, said Ilion Mayor Brian Lamica.

The boil water advisory went into effect Nov. 1 after a malfunction in the ultra violet light filtration system, located on Elizabethtown Road.

After ordering the necessary part to make repairs followed by a waiting game for that part to be delivered, a work crew spent Saturday hard at work fixing the system, Lamica said.

“While others are enjoying a three-day weekend, we had people working until 7 or 8 o’clock Saturday to get us back up and running,” he noted.

The village has struggled with failures in its UV filtration system for months, forcing officials to issue boil water advisories for village water customers repeatedly. The next step, Lamica said, will be to look at ways to prevent this problem from happening again.

“Moving forward, we’re going to take a look at our options and see what changes can be made to solve the ongoing issues,” he said.

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