Carnival Day at Ilion Kinney Drugs

Carnival Day at Ilion Kinney Drugs

Ilion Kinney Drugs hosts Carnival Day on May 3
Ilion Kinney Drugs hosts Carnival Day on May 3

The Ilion Kinney Drugs will be hosting a Carnival Day this Sunday, May 3, noon to 4 p.m. in an effort to raise funds for The Children’s Miracle Network.

The Carnival Day will include face painting, a craft, carnival games with prizes, cupcake decorating, and more. The way it will work is each activity will require 1-2 tickets. Tickets will be $1/each, or 10 for $5. To do every single activity offered, it will take 10 tickets. So $5 a child will get you everything. But if you only want your face painted or a cupcake, for example, then you can just pay the $1 or $2 for the tickets required for that one activity.

 Kinney Drugs, as a company, holds an annual campaign for CMN. Each store is given a goal to match. The Ilion store’s goal is $3,500. While this is an annual campaign, it is the first time the Ilion store is holding a Carnival Day as part of the campaign.

The money raised at each Kinney Drugs location goes to the nearest CMN-participating hospital. For Ilion, that is St. Luke’s Hospital in Utica.

“Every dollar we raise goes directly to St. Luke’s, not some national headquarters to be re-disbursed,” said Ilion Kinney Drugs Manager Richard Barr.

Kinney employees toured St. Luke’s at the beginning of the campaign and met with the CMN director there, and saw firsthand, the impact CMN has. It is the Children’s Miracle Network that pays for things like the recreational room in the children’s wing, and a social worker to work with new moms in need of assistance. CMN sometimes purchases equipment, such as a transport incubator for newborns who may need to be transferred to Syracuse or elsewhere. CMN does its best to pick up the slack where hospital funding runs out.

“The Children’s Miracle Network plays an important role in hospitals and we’re glad to have a part in helping them,” Barr said. “We’re always looking for new ways to reach out and get the community involved and let them know what CMN does.”

Barr added, “Our customers have always been great. We’d like to thank them for the generous support they give us and CMN every year.”

For more information contact Kinney Drugs at (315) 894-2381

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