Dates of Remington Arms furlough announced

Dates of Remington Arms furlough announced

ILION – The timing of an upcoming furlough at Remington Arms has been announced: Two weeks in November and a third week in December, said Ilion Mayor Terry Leonard.

Officials first announced an upcoming furlough for employees of the Ilion arms manufacturer Oct. 18, saying details would follow.

On Friday, officials announced to employees and village officials that the first two weeks of furlough would take place the week before and the week of Thanksgiving – between Nov. 13 and 24, Leonard said. Eligible employees will still receive regular holiday pay for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, he noted.

After about a month back on the job, the third week of furlough will take place the week of Christmas, Dec. 25 through 29. As with the Thanksgiving holiday, employees will receive holiday pay for a portion of the December week as well.

In all, employees will lose out on 11 otherwise paid days, Leonard said.

In addition to using holiday time, employees with vacation time left may use that as well during this furlough, Leonard said. Other employees will be eligible to apply for unemployment for those 11 days.

“Depending on how you look at it, it could be nice having some time off around the holidays,” he said, putting a positive spin on the nerve racking news. “It could definitely be a lot worse.”

The temporary shutdown comes as the result of poor market performance and high levels of existing inventory, officials said last week.

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