Disaster averted in morning fire

Disaster averted in morning fire

FRANKFORT – Firefighters quickly extinguished a morning fire on McGowan Road in the town of Frankfort Friday, avoiding a situation that could have been much worse, said Frankfort Fire Chief Eric Conigliaro.

Neighbors across the street from 114 McGowan Road called in the fire at about 7 a.m. When firefighters arrived, they discovered the residents 114 McGowan Rd. were still asleep inside, unaware of the fire in their home, Conigliaro said. There were no working smoke alarms in the house, he added.

Frankfort, Mohawk, German Flatts and Cedarville responded

Everyone was successfully evacuated without injury.

“If it had been a few more minutes, there could have been a very different outcome,” he said.

The fire was caused by a malfunction in the home’s pellet stove, Conigliaro said. Most of the fire damage occurred outside the house, with “nothing extensive” inside, he said.

Firefighters had the fire under control within five or 10 minutes.

Frankfort, Mohawk, German Flatts and Cedarville fire

Damage was primarily confined to outside the home.

departments responded to the scene.

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