Glory Days Crumbles

Glory Days crumbles

Just two days after strong storms rolled through the Valley the beleaguered Glory Days building,  248 North Main Street in Herkimer suffered more structural damage.  The rear of the building crumbled even more into the adjoining alleyway.

Village of Herkimer Mayor, Tony Brindisi, said, “We’re in the process of declaring a state of emergency and will get it into a safe position.  We think we have a grant to facilitate tearing it down through Senator Schumer.”

DPW Superintendent, Peter Macri said, “It needs to come down for the safety of the community.” The Village DPW moved bunker blocks and blocked off the street.




Glory Days crumbles into the adjacent alleyway
Herkimer DPW moves bunker blocks in front of Glory Days
Herkimer PD on scene



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