Golf Tourney Benefits Christmas Program

On August 27, 2017 a unique, grassroots group of extraordinary gentlemen known as Man Tip of The Day (MTOTD) held their 2nd Annual Golf Outing at Holland Heights Golf Course.  The golf tournament raised money for a great cause, the Second Annual MTOTD Christmas Break-in.

MTOTD began as a secret Facebook group.  With members around the valley, across the country, and with members in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries the group that bills itself as “men helping men” lives by the creed; “We are the guys that plow your streets, haul your milk from the farm, roof your house, plumb your water, cut your hair, cook your food, mill your steel and lumber, we are the guys that do what needs to be done, we are the guys that were not taken seriously, we are here to stay, we span the nation, and parts of the globe…We are MTOTD”

Chris Collis, one of the group’s administrators and one golf tournament organizers, said, “The golf tournament is 4 times bigger and better than last year.  Which is great for a grassroots group that is Not a 501(c)(3), yet.”

Collis explained that the group has more planned.  Upcoming events include the men’s Expo, raffling a $2500 bow from Straight Arrow Archery, and possibly raffling a rifle and shotgun.  All their fundraising efforts are aimed at raising money for their biggest cause; The Christmas Break-in.

Christmas Break-in was thought of September 2016.   With the holidays approaching many people simply will not be able to provide for their families.  MTOTD had a solution; the Christmas Break-in.  They selected a family that they thought they could help the most. Members helped shop for the family, got them out of the house, and the actual break in. On the day of the break in MTOTD members and admins, with the help of the local police department literally broke into the recipient’s house and left them a holiday season they might not have had; food, decorations, gifts, in one family’s case, even furniture as they were using lawn furniture in the house and the mother slept on an air mattress.  they raised $12,000 in seven weeks.  Collis said, “The goal for 2017 is to hit $20,000.”  He added, “The Christmas Break-in isn’t just giving a Christmas.  It’s a hand up, not a handout.  Last year we provided what people needed; real necessities, not just presents.”

Besides a day of golf for 32 teams on a nearly perfect August day, the outing also featured an after party with raffles, auction, silent auction, food, a DJ, and camaraderie.  The raffles and auctions were all to raise funds for the Christmas Break-in.  MTOTD is well on their way to reaching their goal as the golf tournament netted just over $8000.

For more information or to join the amazing group, stop by the MTOTD booth at the Guy’s Expo on Saturday September 16th from Noon-5 pm at The F.X. Matt Brewery in downtown Utica and talk to Chris Collis, Dale Coria, or Josh Kelly.


Holland Height’s banquet hall full of Man Tippers

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