Man struck by car on Otsego Street Thursday afternoon

Man struck by car on Otsego Street Thursday afternoon

ILION – An accident on upper Otsego Street in Ilion Thursday afternoon, sent one man to the hospital with what witnesses say are serious injuries.

At about 1 p.m., a northbound car hit a parked motorcycle and then a rider who was standing next to his bike in the 400 block of Otsego Street, said nearby resident Maureen Waterbury.

“The man got picked right up on the car’s windshield and thrown way down there,” she said, pointing north a few

The car that allegedly struck the victim.

houses away. “I called 911 twice. He was bleeding pretty bad. I tried to hold up traffic because he was lying in the road and I was thinking, ‘He was just hit, he doesn’t need to get run over too.’”

Ilion Fire Department, Ilion Police and MOVAC were on the scene within minutes.

The man struck by a car was part of a motorcycle group that had just come through the Ilion Gorge and were stopping to regroup and decided on where to eat lunch, said fellow biker Derrick Gouveia, of Montreal, Canada.

The motorcyclists are part of an annual ZRXOA Rally

“The car plowed right into the first bike, barely swerved and ran right into Bob,” Gouveia said. “It was a serious hit. It’s unbelievable. I can’t get over it. There’s no skid marks. I mean, there’s 18 of us here. How could you not see us?”

Gouveia said he, Bob and the other riders are all attending the ZRXOA Rally in “Upstate NY” and were out for a ride to see the area. While many of the riders are from the United States, Bob is from Ontario, Canada, Gouveia said.

No information was immediately available from police and fire officials.

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