More than a yoga studio

More than a yoga studio

ILION – For those looking to forget the stresses of daily life for a time, find their inner balance and rejuvenate themselves, the new My Sacred Space Center for Yoga and Health is so much more than a place to practice yoga.

“I really like to focus on relaxing,” said owner Dorothy Peters, of Mohawk. “We take our time. I keep class sizes limited so people have space and aren’t grabbing each other’s heels. It’s all about yoking your mind and body and spirit. These sessions really let you let the external fall away.”

Peters, certified in Kripalu, Yoga for the Special Child and Yoga Dance, has been instructing others in the art of yoga relaxation for 10 years. It is a resume to be proud of. To be certified in Kripalu, potential instructors must participate in 200 hours of immersive training, which means they live at the school for the month of instruction.

“It was such an incredible experience,” Peters said of her training. “I met people from all over the world – Africa, Canada, Japan, Australia.”

Her training in Yoga for the Special Child, certifies her to work with children with autism, Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

“Each child has different abilities and has to be worked with in a different way,” Peters commented.

The 1500-square-foot space is much more than a yoga studio

Yoga Dance, as its name suggests, is a combination of yoga and dance moves that can be slow and relaxing or a little more upbeat, that sometimes uses props such as scarves.

“We do a lot of free form dance,” Peters said. “It’s really a lot of fun.”

Up until a month ago, when she opened her new studio at 45 First St., in Ilion, Peters traveled to her clients, holding sessions in churches, libraries and the Little Falls YMCA.

“I’ve been a mobile yoga studio for a long time and I’m really, really excited to have a place to hang my hat,” Peters said. “And it allows me to have more equipment available for my clients and offer so many more services.”

The 1500-square-foot former medical office includes a meditation room, kitchen, conference room, Reiki room and main yoga space.

And Peters has big plans for her studio in the near future. Starting around Thanksgiving, My Sacred Space will be offering two-hour restorative classes that include a light meal, healthful cooking classes in the studio’s full commercial kitchen, children’s yoga camps and Mommy and Me yoga sessions. Peters is also working on bringing in a massage therapist and chiropractor.

“I’m open to new ideas,” she said. “I let my students tell me what they’re interested in seeing here and when.”

Find My Sacred Space Center for Yoga and Health at or by calling 315-868-3552.

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  1. Karen Goyette

    Wishing you much success Dorothy on your venture! Having a “sacred space” will be a great asset for your success!

  2. Joan Reardon

    Dorothy is a wonderful and caring instructor and yoga changed my life and body for the better.


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