St. Anthony Crusaders Annual Wine Tasting

Crusaders Annual Wine Tasting
Crusaders Annual Wine Tasting

On Sunday, April 26 the St. Anthony Crusaders held their Annual Wine Tasting.  The group hosted 8 local wine makers.  The local vintners donated all the wine they served.  The Crusaders also had raffles, 50/50 raffle, door prizes, and a Chinese auction.  Approximately 125 people attended the wine tasting.

The Crusaders formed 1935 as a mens group.  Over the years they have run the bingo for the church.  Now it’s evolved to mostly spaghetti dinners and fundraisers. The Crusaders have approximately 55 members and they are looking for new members. Proceeds benefit major projects at St. Anthony & St. Josephs churches in Herkimer.

One of the wine makers, John McDonnell of Domhill Vineyards said, “I poured over 75% of what I brought.”  John started doing the crusaders wine testing in 2004 and has done it ever since.  He explained that attending the show and the good acceptance of his wines there is what led him to go big with Domhill.

Crusader and event coordinator, Dom Petucci, said, “In the 15 years this event has been held it is looked forward to by everybody.  Every year it gets better and better.”

Crusader Gus Madia said, “The winners were: 1st place red: Tom Skindera & Ned Dingham, 2nd place red: Sandy Shivas, 3rd place red: Dominick Frank  1st place white: Sandy Shivas, 2nd place white: Gus Madia, 3rd place white: John McDonnell”

The Crusaders are, like most civic groups, looking for new members and participation.  For more information contact St. Anthony & St. Joseph Church or Dominick Scalise at 868-7540.

John McDonnell–happy with his 3rd place white wine
wine tasting crowd


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