The Java Shop comes to Ilion

The Java Shop comes to Ilion

ILION – The Java Shop, having found three years of success in Herkimer, has opened a new location in the Arc Mall, in Ilion’s Central Plaza. Owner Rob Fiorentino opened the secondary location last week.

“Things have been going very well for us,” Fiorentino said. “We were looking to expand and this opportunity came up. We’re still trying to get people to realize we’re there, but word is getting around.”

Coming on the heels of forced statewide closures, the opening of a new business location is somewhat unexpected.

The Java Shop is located inside the Arc Mall in Ilion.

“It definitely is a crazy move,” Fiorentino admitted, adding that opening the Ilion location had been in the works for a few months when COVID-19 came into the mix and put things on hold for a time. “But we’re confident we’ve got a good location and a coffee shop has been sorely needed in the area for a while now.”

Situated near a medical practice and Arc offices, The Java Shop is in a strategic location to cater to both employees on break and patients coming and going, some of whom may be seeking sustenance following blood work, Fiorentino pointed out.

After three years of success in Herkimer, the new Ilion location opened last week.

The shop offers cappuccinos, lattes, coffees and teas and bubble tea, among other beverages, breakfast sandwiches, scramble bowls, freshly baked goods made in-house and lunch.

For now, the Ilion location is open daily 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., but Fiorentino intends to expand those hours come autumn. The Java Shop also offers online ordering and curbside delivery.

A Herkimer native, Fiorentino graduated in 2009 and spent some time on Long Island attending college and earning a business degree. He previously owned Cucina Berto at the Frankfort Marina, but closed after finding it a tough location for a year-round restaurant. He opened The Java Shop by Cucina Berto, located on North Main Street in Herkimer, three years ago.

“I’ve always loved cooking and always knew I wanted to own my own place,” he said.

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