The people have spoken. What now?

The people have spoken. What now?

ILION – After two weeks of asking for respondents, the survey is closed and village officials have moved on to the next step of assessing the information received, said Ilion Mayor Brian Lamica.

Beginning Jan. 22, Ilion’s village board and Village of Ilion Waterfront Advisory Committee began asking those who live or work in Ilion to complete an online survey to help them “develop a comprehensive plan and local waterfront revitalization program.” The survey asked respondents for opinions and ideas on what the village is doing well, what changes might be made, and what might attract people to the community.

The survey concluded Friday, Feb. 5.

“On about Tuesday or Wednesday last week, we had received just over 200 responses,” Lamica said. “Considering the population and demographics, we thought that was halfway decent. But we put out another call on social media and that got us a few more responses.”

Lamica estimated the final number of respondents to be about 240.

“The next step is to look at all the data, which the committee and Barton & Loguidice will be doing, and making a comprehensive plan,” he said.

The “comprehensive plan,” known as the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan update, is intended to encourage sustainable economic growth throughout the village and improve public access and recreational use of the waterfront, which involves approximately 1.75 miles along the Erie Canal/Mohawk River.

The village has already been awarded a $120,000 grant package through the state’s Consolidated Funding Application process with a $30,000 share of that amount coming from the village. Once a revitalization plan is in place, the village will be able to go after additional grants and funding, Lamica said.

There is no set timeline for assessing the data, he said, except to say they are eager to get a plan in place and then put that plan into motion.

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