Vets2farm fundraiser

Supporter buys baked goods at the Vets2farm bake sale


Vets2farm was on hand all weekend at Tractor Supply in Herkimer as they held a fundraiser and promoted their group.

Vets2farm is a non-profit organization built for the sole purpose of providing disabled veterans a place to heal, farm, grow, and give back. It is a place where veterans, who are interested in farming, can be taught the various tasks associated with running a farm as well as the science behind everything they do on the farm. Vets2farm raises their pigs and chickens with a diet that is free from soy and genetically modified organisms (GMO). Their locally grown produce is also GMO free. Vets2farm provides their products to both veterans the community at large at cost plus a mandatory donation. This provides fresh quality products at an affordable price. The remaining product, after retail sales, is donated to another Veteran Non Profit that provides the food to Veteran family’s at no cost. Vets2Farm is a 100% veteran serving veteran program; this means if it came from our operation, it came from the work of a veteran.

Through crop and animal therapy Vets2farm provides; physical and emotional treatment, education in the farming industry to aid veterans to provide directly for their families, and a group setting that provides camaraderie with others that have served to help with the connection and aid in behavioral health issues and provide a feeling of belonging where many veterans miss after service.

Vets2farm cofounder Dave Gevry shows off the groups bacon

On Saturday, June 6, Vets2farm put on a fundraising bake sale at Tractor Supply in Herkimer. Proceeds from the bake sale went back into Vets2farm’s organization to purchase more farming supplies, equipment, or animals. Hours and hours of volunteer baking turned into a phenomenal event. On Sunday Vets2Farm were on hand to sell their meat products and produce. They were selling pork and chicken. Pork Products included sweet Italian sausage, short ribs, pork chops, spare ribs, pork butt roast, pork butt steak, ham, ham steak, and of course, bacon.

Dave Gevry, Cofounder of Vets2Farm, said, “The biggest experience I had with farming before coming back from Afghanistan was driving by them. That’s part of the beauty of Vets2Farm; learning about farming and learning from other veterans.”
DaveGevry explained that the future for Vets2Farm includes more community involvement and recognition of the organization. Vets2Farm is working with Sitrin Home and their Veteran Care to promote veteran farming. Beef cattle are also on the horizon for Vets2Farm adding yet another dimension to their crop and animal therapy.

Look for Vets2Farm at Little Falls Farmers Market on Saturdays. They will also be holding another bake sale on June 28 and there will be a chicken BBQ at Tractor Supply on August 23. for more information about vets2farm go to: or find them on Facebook.

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