The Valley Side is a local media company covering Herkimer, Mohawk, Ilion, Frankfort, and the surrounding area. Its mission is to generate interest in those communities and connect residents more meaningfully by facilitating deeper conversations about how news and events will shape the area’s future.

It’s about big news in small towns and how that impacts everyday life for residents.

The Mohawk Valley is our home, and our family roots in the community run deep. Our unique perspective from within the community gives our work relevance and heart. Whether it’s covering a festival, sports, education, new business opening, council meetings, or hard-hitting investigative features – our digital delivery and instant notifications offer readers immediate access to news that affects them personally.

Digital Advertising

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Our advertising packages are designed to enhance awareness and engage more directly with local audiences—our uniqueness in designing advertising packages that achieve your marketing and revenue goals.

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Print Advertising

Looking for a print publication? We have you covered as well. The Mohawk Valley Express is a monthly publication distributed to more than 40 locations in the Mohawk Valley and growing.