By Ray Lenarcic

We’ve all been appalled by the television reports from Turkey and Syria regarding the recent devastating earthquakes. To date, over 22,000 lives have been lost-entire families wiped out-with at least triple that number injured.

A teenager from New Hartford, Andrew James Snyder, decided to do something about the tragedy and established a website for anyone interested in donating to Doctors Without Borders. In case you’re unfamiliar with the organization, check out the following:

Doctors Without Borders teams respond to emergencies and provide lifesaving medical care to more than 70 countries around the world. When disasters strike, when conflicts flare, when epidemics spread-we’re on the ground providing urgent medical aid for the people who need it most. As an independent, impartial, and neutral organization, we go where many others can’t or won’t. We also speak out to protect the lives and health of our patients.

In keeping with our motto, “To Help Others,” the Herkimer County Hunger Coalition is joining Andrew in this worthwhile cause by donating $500. We encourage readers, along with other organizations (Lions; Elks; Rotary) and schools (e.g., great project for a club or athletic team), to join us by either donating to the Herkimer County Hunger Coalition (indicate in left corner Doctors Without Borders) or to Andrew’s website- Your donation is tax-deductible.

We will publicize the final total donated.