By Dr. Wanda Faith Sewell, Th. D., Ph. D.

Opening up the pages of God’s Holy Word
Many on the earth still have not heard
That God called forth Abraham and gave…
A promised Word where all could be saved
It was passed on to his son Isaac, then Jacob as well
There is story after story that Holy Spirit moved on man to tell!

In Matthew & Luke you can find Jesus’ generational account
There in those pages it is revealed out
Once Jacob had the promise deep in his heart
Of the 12 Tribes of Israel, to Judah is who God had him impart
The count was on, and the years went by
Judges, prophets, scribes, and kings where God’s Word did abide!

Even after Christ’s birth He would make mention
Of God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob of His intention
As we take the time and celebrate Jesus’ Birth
It is equally important to see all His worth
For no other could do as only He would
In giving up His Throne for us as He should!

Otherwise, our souls would be eternally lost
Out of His Great Love, on the Cross, He spent the cost
Read in the pages of Scripture of all that took place
You will be encouraged to seek God’s Lovely Face
Then as you read and learn more and more
You will find that the birth of Jesus Christ is that Open Door!