ILION – The Ilion Public Library will be hosting a reception for expressive acrylic artist Lutz Scherneck on Tuesday, Dec. 6. at 4:30 p.m., kicking off a two-month exhibit of his artwork in the library’s Remington Room.

Lutz Scherneck is best known for his expressive acrylic paintings made from swathes of fluid color poured and drawn across the canvas. Whether his work is abstract or contains natural motifs, paint is the dominant subject.

“I try to remember it is just paint on canvas,” Scherneck says. “There is a certain correctness that comes together when I’m in the process of painting that results in something greater than the parts and is beyond the visual.”

An early appreciation of artwork by the European Impressionists and contemporary American artists Pollock, Rothko, Hofmann, and Avery, became the foundation of his artistic growth. Lutz paints with canvases stretched on the floor. He feels that it is advantageous to work from all sides and within the canvas. The edges of the work are determined after paint application is completed and then a stretcher frame is built to prepare the artwork for display.

Scherneck states, “Artists need to go beyond the tricks that are still being taught in art school, which have been promoted for centuries but do not produce great art. You have to recognize what is exciting and beautifully profound and convey that through your medium of expression. Sensitive development using line, form, and color creates a visual reality when perceived by the viewer of the artist’s understanding of the real world.”

Scherneck holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts. His work has been on display throughout Central New York and he has received numerous awards of recognition. A large mural of his painted in 2014 can be seen on Albany Street in Little Falls.

“This collection of paintings briefly shows the journey I’ve undertaken in the visual media of painting, “Scherneck says. “I realized very early that it is folly for the artist to create a purely visual likeness on the canvas.

“Every motif, form, color, and line expresses something and must function in the world of the painting. Their interaction with each other develops tensions and harmonies. This is the reality of the painted work.

“In the creative process, the theme of the painting becomes clearer to the artist, and the painting takes over and leads the artist along. This continues to a point when the artist must recognize that they are no longer needed. The work is finished.

“As it is displayed, it becomes art. The viewer sees the work through their own life’s eyes and has a unique experience of the artist’s sensitive understanding of what was created.”