54 Awards to Municipalities Across New York Will Finance Upgrades to Housing and Public Water Facilities for Primarily Low- and Moderate-Income Residents

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced that more than $33 million in Community Development Block Grant funding has been awarded to dozens of municipalities for local infrastructure improvement and housing rehabilitation projects. The grants are designed to help communities provide decent, affordable housing and safe living environments, primarily for low- and moderate-income residents.

“By supporting improvements to build affordable housing, enhance public water facilities and strengthen local infrastructure, this funding will lay the groundwork for stronger, more resilient neighborhoods across New York,” Governor Hochul said. “These critical investments in our public infrastructure will help provide safe, stable housing and affordable amenities to New Yorkers while allowing businesses to grow and thrive, and I thank the New York Congressional Delegation for securing this vital funding for our state.”

The Community Development Block Grant program is a federally funded program administered by New York State Homes and Community Renewal that helps counties, cities, towns, and villages with projects that improve communities and benefit residents across the state.

Community Development Block Grant Housing grants can be used for housing rehabilitation of owner-occupied or renter-occupied homes, down payment assistance for low- and moderate-income first-time homebuyers, and private water/wastewater system assistance for low- and moderate-income homeowners. For 2022, Homes and Community Renewal awarded $10.4 million for 24 housing rehabilitation, manufactured housing, and well and septic projects. A total of 301 households are projected to benefit from the proposed improvements.

Community Development Block Grant Public Infrastructure and Community Planning grants can be used for improvements to public water, public sewer, stormwater sewer, and flood drainage improvements. For 2022, Homes and Community Renewal awarded over $23 million for 21 public water, public sewer, and public facility projects and another $445,000 towards nine community planning projects.

The Villages of Herkimer and Frankfort will each use $1.25 million in Community Development Block Grant funding assistance as part of a regional venture to improve drinking water quality in communities throughout Herkimer County. The funds will be used to address issues in each community’s drinking water infrastructure, including replacing lead service lines and deteriorated water transmission main, installing new hydrants and gate valves, redevelopment of existing wells, and improvements to pump stations.

For more information on the New York State Community Development Block Grant program, visit Home and Community Renewal’s website.