For nearly 30 years, the Gram Lorraine Program has provided thousands of deserving children in the Mohawk Valley with four clothing items, a toy, a book or game of choice, and winter coats.

Participating schools include Benton Hall (LFalls), Owen D. Young, Frankfort, CVA, Mt. Markham, and BOCES. Deserving families are designated by school personnel. Sponsors are generous people, organizations (e.g., Greater Herkimer Lions; Frankfort Kiwanis), corporations (e.g., Feldmeiers; Lexington), HCCC athletic teams/faculty, etc.

Sponsors are given assignments in early November and, in December, drop off their gifts at designated sites. Deserving families pick up their gifts later that week. The age group of recipients varies, with some schools covering newborns through 6th grade while others do Pre-K through 6th.

If interested in becoming a sponsor, send a note including your email address and phone number to HCHC, PO Box 622, Herkimer, NY-13350, and we’ll get back to you.

Donations are also accepted (make out to HCHC-Gram Lorraine). Your donation is tax-deductible. By participating, you’ll be helping the local economy (sponsors spend c.$80-$100,000 annually) and guaranteeing that an area child will have a truly Merry Christmas.

Questions-call 315-866-7765. Thanks, and Happy Holidays to You and Yours.

Ray Lenarcic-Program Founder