Herkimer, New York – The New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation has awarded $279.3 million in WIIA and IMG grants to support nearly $1 billion in projects across the state that protect public health or improve water quality. The Herkimer County Industrial Development Agency (HCIDA) has received $9,358,800 of this total, which is one of the largest grants awarded. “This is a great opportunity for Herkimer County,” states CEO John J. Piseck, “as Herkimer County and the surrounding region suffer from aging infrastructure that requires modernization and improvement to provide services such as clean drinking water to ensure the health and safety of the region’s residents. This project is expected to support over 22,000 residents in Herkimer County.”

Herkimer County is developing the Eastern Mohawk Valley Regional Water Transmission Main, a 10.4-mile line that will serve the Villages of Herkimer, Ilion, and Frankfort and the Towns of Herkimer and Schuyler. The new transmission main will be connected to the Mohawk Valley Water Authority’s existing water delivery system, which will provide quality drinking water service to residents as both a primary and backup supply for several communities in Herkimer County.

The construction of the Regional Transmission Main is the best option for the participating municipalities because it is the most fiscally prudent way to address the water quality issues in those areas. Jim Bono, the IDA’s Board Chairman, mentions that “the second option of pursuing individual projects would be too large of an expense for each municipality and would result in an extreme tax burden on their residents.” Don’t hesitate to contact John J. Piseck by cell at 315-868-4928 or by email at jpiseck@herkimercountyida.org with any questions.