by Dave Warner

Herkimer Country Republicans gathered for a rally on Sunday morning at the Herkimer VFW.

NYS Assemblyman Robert Smullen fired up the crowd saying, “It’s really great to be here and be a representative of Herkimer County and for me to be running for re-election in Herkimer County. It really takes a lot to get things done in Albany. It takes a lot to make it work at the local, state, and national level.”

He introduced Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and said, “She is a fantastic leader and a leader of leaders. When the Republicans take the House in just three weeks, this County will not have a backbencher representing it, but somebody who has a front-row seat to the highest levels of the United States Government.”

Stefanik stated, “It is great to be in Herkimer County today. I am so honored that all of Herkimer County was added to New York’s 21st Congressional District.”

“We are very, very excited. In sixteen days, are we ready to fire Nancy Pelosi once and for all? And I’m going to ask you this. In sixteen days, are we going to fire Kathy Hochul? The stakes could not be higher, my friends. We all know this.”

“We’re seeing the results in New York of single-party Democrat rule, both in Washington and in Albany. It has been an absolute disaster,” she stated. “We’re going to deliver a red wave in sixteen days.”

She continued, “I am proud to have earned an A+ rating when it comes to standing up for our Second Amendment Rights. That is in stark contrast to my opponent, who has earned an F, and boy, does he deserve an F. He will shred our Constitutional Rights at every and any opportunity.”

“I’m looking forward to opening up an office right here in Herkimer County, and I’m nearing my 2,000th event in this district,” she said. “I’ll continue to do my very best to work my hardest for you, and I am honored to serve as the highest-ranking New York Republican in Congress.”

She said, “I will never apologize for standing up for this district, no matter how many smears come from the mainstream media and the radical left, because I know I work for you and this country is built upon We the People and the Constitution and I will never forget that.”

One of the attendees at the rally was Eugene Silbu, who escaped the socialist-communist country of Romania. He said, “All the countries like Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria were satellite countries of the Soviet Union.”

“We were not occupied physically by them, but if we were to turn away from socialism or communism, they would come with their army and tanks, like in 1968 in Prague and 1956 in Hungary and kill a few students and in Hungary, over 100,000 people because they didn’t want to be subjugated by the Soviet Union,” he said.

He was supposed to go to an international conference in Scotland, and he jumped from a train in West Germany to escape.

“That’s why it kills me that socialism is about to happen over here with the left wing of the Democrat Party. I don’t want this over here. My children were born over here. I am here, and I love this country and for it to become like it was over there is unbelievable. It’s killing me…it’s frightening.”