Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) allows local elected officials to choose where the energy comes from for their community. It’s a program to purchase power in bulk for virtually all homes and small businesses within the participating jurisdiction, with the option for community members to opt out!

About Community Choice Aggregation:

· A CCA can allow whole communities to take control of their electricity costs and consumption. CCA has the potential to simultaneously deliver fixed-rate electricity prices and cleaner energy for your constituents.
· CCA replaces the utility as the default supplier of electricity. The utility remains responsible for energy delivery and billing.
· All customers of electricity and natural gas utilities can participate.
· All towns, cities, and villages are eligible to participate. Cities, towns, and villages may wish to join together to pool demand and build market clout.
· Depending on local needs and priorities, communities may elect to provide a 100 percent renewable energy product as the default supply mix.
· Participation is up to the community member. Every customer receiving energy from their utility will be given full advanced notice of the program’s initiation and clear instructions on how they can opt out.
· Customers with rooftop solar or a community solar subscription will not be affected by participation in CCA.
· Taxpayer or public funding is not needed to run a Community Choice Aggregation program.

If you are interested in learning more about helping your municipality through Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), feel free to reach out, and we can schedule a consultation with our Statewide CCA Specialist!

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