Kinney Drugs has opened flu vaccination appointments in all its pharmacies in New York and Vermont. The 100% employee-owned pharmacy chain has ample supply of vaccines for ages 2-64 in New York and 3-64 in Vermont as well as high-dose vaccine for seniors age 65+. Its pharmacists also offer several options designed to make patients more comfortable:

1. Buzzy the Vaccine Bee – Kinney is the only area pharmacy to offer a “comfort vaccination experience” through a partnership with Pain Care Labs. Kinney’s Pharmacists have been trained in immunization comfort techniques and help take the “sting” out of shots with Buzzy® the Vaccine Bee. Buzzy® is a patented bumble bee-shaped device that simultaneously applies ice and vibration to desensitize before the injection as well as distract and disrupt pain transmission during the poke itself for a dramatically more comfortable experience. Buzzy was designed to help adults and children who have needle fear and/or sensitivity and is ONLY available from Kinney Drugs Pharmacists. Clinically, Buzzy® uses natural “gate control” pain relief by confusing the body’s own nerves, thereby dulling, or even eliminating sharp pain. When nerves receive non-painful signals such as vibration or cold, the brain “closes the gate” on pain.

2. Needle-free Vaccinations –

  • In select locations, Kinney offers vaccinations via PharmaJet® needle-free “jet injectors” which use a jet of air instead of a needle to administer the vaccine, making for a more comfortable vaccination experience for those with needle fear.
  • By request in all locations, Kinney Pharmacists can administer a nasal mist flu vaccine (ages 2-49).

3. Vax the Fam” Family Appointments – Kinney Pharmacists know that in general, children tend to need more care when receiving shots than adults do. It can be a bit scary for them. Kinney’s goal is to make pediatric vaccination appointment(s) as easy and pleasant as possible for both children and their parents and caregivers by offering:

  • “Vax the Fam” Family appointments for up to three people at once.
  • Dedicated afterschool appointments and longer appointment times to ensure that children have time to adjust and feel more comfortable.
  • Fun distraction activities as well as a small post-shot treat for children.

“Australia is just coming out of its winter flu season, which can be a predictor of what we may experience here in the U.S. Unfortunately, Australia was hit with a wave of flu cases that exceeded its five-year average coupled with a significant rise in COVID-19 cases, raising concerns that we may face a similar ‘twindemic’ here this fall and winter. It’s especially important that people protect themselves with an annual flu shot (and COVID booster if indicated). I am very proud that our pharmacy teams are prepared with ample vaccine and more comfortable vaccination options,” said John Marraffa, R.Ph., President of Kinney Drugs.