Photo submitted – Office for the Aging placed gift tags on the Christmas tree in the lobby of the County building in Herkimer.

With the help of county employees, Legislators, local churches, and many other community members and organizations, the Office for the Aging was able to distribute over 135 Christmas gifts to older adults in Herkimer County. These older adults who received the gifts and food were so thankful that someone was thinking of them.

Office for the Aging staff delivered the packages to the older adults. The staff was greeted with smiles. These individuals appreciated the generosity of all of those individuals who contributed to this effort.

We hope to continue this event in 2023, and hopefully, we will be able to provide additional older adults with a bit of Christmas cheer. Office for the Aging staff would like to thank all individuals who assisted with this effort. Every gesture of kindness helps make our community a better place to live.

The Office for the Aging would like to remind community members to stop in and visit with an older adult during this time of the year. You will make their day.