By Dave Warner

Judge Mark Rose was sworn in by his father, Judge Ed Rose, as State Supreme Court Justice in a Thursday morning ceremony in Herkimer. The district he now represents has six counties and approximately 1.15 million people.

In remarks after his swearing in, Rose stated, “This has been quite a trip. I have to thank my parents, and I have to thank them two-fold. One, for being great parents, as Christopher has alluded to, and secondly, for being great co-workers with me. I’ve worked the last several years with my parents, and it has been absolutely fantastic.”

He went on to say that at this moment in time, he felt that there was a higher calling, and it was part of the reason he ran for Supreme Court. Also, he said, “We haven’t had a Supreme Court Judge in Herkimer County for some time. This is a branch of our government that we have not had representation in.”

Rose said that a lawyer had told him that one of the first things he needed to do was get his portrait up on the wall, so he unveiled the ‘official’ one of him in his Captain America suit. “This will be hanging up with the others,” he joked.

He said there was a little background to go with the portrait. “We had to go in parades, and I hated the parades. It was dreadful. I would think of politicians in parades, and they’d throw out some candy. When I was watching a parade, I wanted to throw it back at them.”

So he said they had to make the parades fun. “We’ve got to have some fun with this and engage the people. It’s a very, very serious position, but we have got to have the voters out there. So, I would at times dress up as Captain America, and the kids loved it, and I especially loved it.”

Rose said that one of the fellow candidates went up to his mother and told her she had to stop him from doing it because the little kids, who loved the outfit, didn’t vote. “But yeah, their moms do,” he said.

In conclusion, Rose stated, “I just have to thank my wife so much. She was a trooper, my kids were great, and everyone here was great. Thank you very much. God Bless America, and God Bless Herkimer County and each and every one of you.”