Herkimer, New York – The New York State Department of State has awarded the Village of Herkimer $173,250 to complete the Village of Herkimer Brownfield Opportunity Area Plan. The Village intends to complete a BOA plan for a 32-acre area along its Main Street corridor to address blight, safety, and aesthetics of structures, a weak economy and low employment, and poor community engagement.

Dana Sherry, Mayor of the Village of Herkimer, explains, “the Village of Herkimer has a strong municipal system and administrators that are dedicated to the completion of the BOA Plan and revitalizing the Village’s downtown. The project will benefit from a partnership with the Herkimer County IDA that is directly supporting the Village’s pursuit of the project.” Objectives to be achieved include determining the best use for blighted/potential brownfield areas, identifying public/private partnership opportunities, expansion of economic activity, and increased community engagement.

The proposed project will give the Village an opportunity to strategically analyze the economic potential in its downtown corridor. Collaboration with the community as well as public and private partners and stakeholders will ensure that the BOA is geared toward a commitment to sustainability in the downtown center. “This award, in conjunction with our EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant, will allow us to double our resources and help us to complete this plan,” said the HCIDA’s CEO, John Piseck.

Anticipated community benefits include the identification of strategic opportunities for redevelopment, expansion of economic activity, identification of private partners and available public funds to leverage investment, and increased community support of revitalization efforts and property rehabilitation. Please contact John J. Piseck by cell at 315-868-4928, or email jpiseck@herkimercountyida.org, with any questions.